Affilate Program
Reseller Program

Welcome to the Organica Laboratories reseller center. Here, licensed resellers of Organica Laboratories products are able to order the entire line of Organica Laboratories products in case quantities at reseller prices.

Organica Laboratories offers some of the most innovative, effective, and best-selling nutraceutical products in the world today. The proof is the thousands of satisfied customers we hear from every week. Our products are in demand by hundreds customers EVERY DAY.

With such a wide variety of natural solutions, Organica Laboratories represents several of the top health markets in the world. From internal care to topical solutions, we have worked hard to make a reputable name for our products. People want them because they work.

Many of our products are backed by health food stores, nurses, and everyday people looking to help those around them by providing them positive results, naturally!

You want products that will sell. You want customers that keep coming back. You want up and coming legitimate products that are effective and good for the body. You have come to the right place!

Whether you market your products a retail store location, by mail order, by the World Wide Web, Organica will be there with you every step of the way strengthening our partnership. We are totally committed to your success.

We are totally committed to your successful and profitable sales of Organica Laboratories healthy living products. We offer a virtually risk-free reseller program:

  • Generous sliding discounts on multiple case orders
  • Buy Back Program of any unsold product for up to an entire year after your purchase
  • Professional Reseller Program Management Team

We look forward to working with you in the future!

If you are interested in becoming a Reseller Representative

Reseller pricing is only available to qualified resellers. A RP5.000.000 minimum purchase is required when ordering from this web site. Products are only made available in case lots.

Please note:
- If your retail price in the web-site is cheaper than ours you’ll be discharged from the partnership and remove of all contracts.
- But you can sell them at a higher or equal price from ours.
- You cannot make a website similar to our website or use the same colour, design, pictures, matter. However you are allowed to take the product pictures and the matter related to it from our website.
- The same applies for Ebay sellers, and they cannot use the company name as the name of their store.